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CHLOEYIU Railing Systems - Glass Aluminum Railing. Distributor of high quality and versatile aluminum railing systems for virtually any type of guardrail application.  CHLOEYIU Railing Systems railings have been used successfully in thousands of commercial and residential projects throughout North America. 





Commercial Multi-Residential Residential


CHLOEYIU Railing Systems aluminum railing systems can easily be custom fitted to handle non-standard angles and configurations that are part of today's decks. Our continuous top rail profiles offer clean elegant lines that blend beautifully for both residential and commercial applications, indoors or outdoors. All glass and picket systems are interchangeable or may be a combination of both. CHLOEYIU Railing Systems railing may be installed either surface or fascia-mount; on wood decks, over any waterproof surface or atop concrete slab (smooth or aggregate). Architects and specification writers will appreciate that CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems can adapt to virtually any configuration.

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems: innovation in railing!

Maintenance Free
CHLOEYIU Railing Systems aluminum railing systems are built to give years of carefree enjoyment. The material combination of aluminum and powder coating result in a high strength, durable, corrosion resistant system meeting or exceeding the stringent AAMA 603.8 specification for:

Impact resistance Humidity, Salt Spray, Abrasion, Water immersion, Outdoor durability, UV Resistance

Why not just enjoy your deck!

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems will NEVER RUST, ROT, SPLIT, BLISTER or PEEL

Sturdy Construction
CHLOEYIU Railing Systems rails, posts and components are fabricated with high grade extruded Aluminum. Aluminum is up to 43 times stronger than wood. Ounce for ounce, aluminum is one of the strongest and most stable materials that exist for the North American climate. Since aluminum does not absorb moisture, it will not rust, chip, shrink, or crack.

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems posts, rails, and components are engineered for maximum strength, using ASTM 6063-T54, or 6005A-T61, aluminum.

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems: strength & durability


Building Code Approved

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems is the perfect railing system for both commercial and residential applications. CHLOEYIU Railing Systems railing systems meet all North American Building Codes and are engineered to achieve ultimate strength while providing a product that is aesthetically pleasing to the customer.

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems: engineered to exacting standards.


Ease of Installation

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems have been designed with the installer in mind. A wide array of couplers, sleeves and other attachments are offered to allow for all field conditions. There are no special tools required for installation.


CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems: a solid installation


CHLOEYIU Railing Systems standard colors are White, Beige, Sandalwood, Semi-Gloss Chocolate Brown, Semi-Gloss Forest Green, Grey, and Semi-Gloss Black. There are also over 200 custom colors to choose from. CHLOEYIU Railing Systems can match or complement almost any siding, stucco, or trim color. Please ask for your color chart to view all color options available.

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems: color, color, color

Proven Success

For over fifteen years CHLOEYIU Railing Systems has been manufacturing innovative railing solutions. Our customers look to us to provide them with the very best service and products. Our highly trained staff will help you with sales, estimating, installation / assembly and technical assistance.

CHLOEYIU Railing Systems systems: you can depend on us.

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